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Ever since my Mum told me that the photos I used in one of my early posts looked like shots from the kitchen of a struggling single mother (she had a point) I have been very aware of my rudimentary photography skills. I have countless blurry photos of food saved up in my camera compared with about five pictures of actual people.

Despite all this practice (including a one day photography course) my photos have not improved. Frequently my own shadow appears on the rim of the plate. I often try to introduce other objects (wine, pot plant, napkin) to distract from how rubbish the picture is. Steam is my nemesis. On telly it wafts appetisingly from plates of steaming soup but I find it just fogs up my camera creating the afore-mentioned blurry sheen.

So, that all said, I wasn’t going to post this risotto at all because even in real life it looked a bit like porridge. Creamy white risotto with white scallops on top served in a white dish offered very little in the way of visual excitement. Short of gathering all my kitchen utensils in the background of the photo I didn’t see how I could make this work artistically.

Trying to distract you with a poinsettia. Festive.


The completed dish tasted too good not to post though so I just zoomed in as close as I could. The initial risotto is very plain (the Ramsay recipe which can be found here uses stock only, I threw in some vermouth) but the earthy and rich Jerusalem artichoke puree which is stirred in at the last minute with parmesan is delicious. I was eating it off the spoon whilst I stirred the risotto and I think my greed meant I put a bit too much in, hence the porridge look. All in all this is the best way to have Jerusalem artichokes that I have come across.


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