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Cranberry Blondies

I made blondies once before. They were a gift for a stranger who was kindly giving me two 3kg dumbbells in order to assist me in the delusion that I was about to embark on an exercise regimen to rival that of the Olympic swimming team. I expected to emerge with a quite breath-taking physique.

Using my local online forum I discovered that someone was hoping to give away these weights to a loving home. Not only that, she would deliver them to my door. With the prospect of toned upper arms so tantalisingly close I felt that some sort of gift was needed as a thank you. I decided, rather bizarrely considering the nature of my benefactor’s donation, to make cake.

I made a ginger blondie that had tasted delicious when made by Lara of Sheen Suppers but in my hands the result was a golden-coloured slab of lard. For some reason I decided to persevere in wrapping my calorific gift despite the fact that it was really quite unpleasant to eat. They were also alarmingly heavy once wrapped up in a little package and tied with lilac ribbons (yes, I collect ribbons for just this sort of occasion).

Anyway, I never heard back about the blondies and I think they are probably the reason I didn’t make a friend for life in dumbbell lady. 

I have since made successful blondies with cranberries and macadamia nuts. They are more cakey than brownie in texture which I prefer; I’ve never really liked dense slabs of chocolate. I used a Sainsbury’s Magazine recipe and whilst we’re on the subject how great is the Sainsbury’s Magazine? If Sainsbury’s would like to send me some free copies I would be totally ok with that. The recipe for the blondies can be found here.


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